Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora

Legal Theorist interested in law, authority, justice, and liability in state and non-state (international/transnational/global) political communities.

I am a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Canada.

My main research project is to develop a unified theory of state and non-state legal phenomena (i.e., non-domestic, international, transnational, supranational, and global law). This theoretical framework seeks to formulate and begin resolving vexing questions concerning the nature and legal character of non-state legal phenomena and establish a firmer ground for doctrinal and politico-moral inquiries regarding state and non-state law. 

My work also explores jurisprudence and theoretical questions at the intersection between torts, administrative law, and political philosophy. More specifically, I am interested in theoretical questions of the Colombian system of state liability for human rights infringements. My secondary research project is to develop a theory of collective responsibility for wrongs committed by state officials derived from a politico-moral account of the duties of liberal states. In close association with this project, I have also worked on the Colombian peace process, particularly those mechanisms created to compensate the conflict’s victims.

Here, you can get more information about me, my research and teaching experience. Please get in touch if you would like to talk about these ideas or know more about my research projects.


Conceptual Jurisprudence: Methodological Issues, Classical Questions and New Approaches (Springer, 2021)

Edited by Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora and Gonzalo Villa-Rosas

This book brings together leading legal theorists to present original philosophical work on the concept of law - the central question of jurisprudence. It covers five broad topics: firstly it addresses debates concerning the methodology of jurisprudence. In Part II it focuses on the notion of a legal system and its coercive nature, while Part III explores the relationships between law and morality, the traditional point of contention between positivist and non-positivist theories of law. Part IV then examines questions regarding law’s normative character and relationships with practical reason. Lastly, the final part introduces two novel theoretical approaches to conceptual jurisprudence.

News and Activities (2021-2)

Presentation: “The Unity of the International Legal Order” Workshop on Method, Methodology and Critique of International Law, T.M.C. Asser Instituut – December 16.

Presentation: “Global Sports Law: A Theoretical Account,” The Europeanization of the Lex Sportiva, Umea University Sweden – November 18-9.

Presentation: "The Normative Order of the International Community," Legal Theory Research Group, University of Edinburgh – October 23.

Conference Organized: Kelsen’s Conference, Juris North: Legal and Political Philosophy Discussion Group, Manchester, April-September (with Jorge E. Núñez and Gonzalo Villa) – September 24 and 25. The Program for the JurisNorth 2021 Kelsen's Conference (Sept 24-5) is online Keynotes include Maris Köpcke Tinturé, Mikhail Antonov, Andres Botero, Lars Vinx, and Carsten Heidemann and all workshop participants. Videos available: Block 1:, Block 2:, Block 3:, Block 4:, Block 5:, Block 6:

Presentation: “Law, Groups and Legal Theory,” Social Ontology 2021, International Conference of Social Ontology, online – August 13.

Panel Organized: Art and Truth in the Colombian Armed Conflict, in Narrating Transnational Justice, McMaster University, May (with Andrés Molina-Ochoa) – July 30.

Conference Organized: Kelsen’s Roundtables, Juris North: Legal and Political Philosophy Discussion Group, Manchester (organized with Jorge E. Núñez and Gonzalo Villa) – Session 1, April 30 (Keynote Thomas Olechowski, Video; Session 2, May 28 (Keynote Monika Zalewska – Video, and Session 3, June 25 (Keynote Stanley Paulson, Video

Book Launch: The Colombian Peace Agreement, hosted by McMaster University’s Center for Human Rights and Restorative Justice with the support of the College of Law and the Illinois Global Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; CEDPAL, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Birbeck College, and the Colombian Commission of Jurists – June 18 (Video:

Presentation: “Normative Political Communities: A General Theory of State and Non-State Law,” Canadian Meeting of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy – May 29 (online).

Comment: “Pragmatism and Associative Political Obligation” by David Lefkovitz, Seminar in Law and Philosophy, Universidad of Minas de Gerais, Brazil – February 11.

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