Presentation: “Intercommunal Rules” (videoconference), Ninth International Conference on Legal Philosophy, UNAM, México – December 7.

Presentation: “A Hartian Theory of Lex Digitalis” [Sp] (videoconference), International Conference on Legal Philosophy, Universidad Autónoma de Chile Law School – November 26.

Presentation: “State Wrongs” [Sp] (videoconference). International Conference on Private Law Taller José León Barandiarán, Universidad Nacional de San Marcos– October 29 (Video:

Presentation: “Three Models of Reparations for Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict in Colombian Law” (videoconference) [Sp] (paper submitted as an expert for the Colombian Commission of Jurists). Workshop Compensations for Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict, Colombian Commission of Jurists – October 1.

Presentation: “Groups, Communities and Law: A Normative, Hartian Account of Groups,” Law, Agency and Collective Lives – Mancept, University of Manchester – September 10 (videoconference).

Comment: “Legal Reasoning as Webdesign” by Pauline Westerman in PluriCourts Annual Workshop on The Political and Legal Theory of International Courts and Tribunals 2020 – July 10.

Presentation: “Foundations for a Hartian Account of Non-State Legal Phenomena,” University of Toronto Law School Faculty Forum – March 9.

Presentation: “The Distinction Between Theories of the Normative Systems and Theories of System’s Content and Operation: A Comment on Margaret Martin’s Judging Positivism,IV Congresso Internacional de Direito Constitucional e Filosofia Política, Sao Paulo, Brazil – November 11.

Presentation: “Practical Philosophy in Non-Core Cases” [Sp],  Eightieth International Conference on Legal Philosophy, UNAM, México – October 22.

Presentation: “Towards Eco-centric Water Governance: Principles for the interaction between international, domestic and indigenous water governance systems,” 2019 GWF Annual Science Meeting, Global Water Futures, Saskatoon, SK, Canada – May 15.

Presentation: “The Human Right to Water and Its Relevance for Canadian Indigenous Communities,” McMaster Indigenous Graduate Student Research Symposium, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON Canada – March 13.

Presentation: “A Hartian Theory of WTO Law,” 5th Annual INTLaw Conference, Robson Hall Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada – February 14.

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